Eating Disorders: Medical Management

Eating Disorders: Medical Management

This half-hour video module is aimed at health professionals and provides an overview of medical management of eating disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Learning outcomes include:

  • Ability to describe the medical and nutritional care that may be required to treat eating disorders;
  • Ability to undertake a comprehensive assessment in relation to eating disorders;
  • Understanding of and ability to respond in an empathic way to the high levels of ambivalence and fear of change in people with eating disorders;
  • Knowledge of when a person should be referred to specialist services, hospital psychiatric ward or hospital emergency department;
  • Understanding of the circumstances when involuntary treatment may be necessary;
  • Knowledge of the standards for safe treatment;
  • Ability to engage and collaborate with parents, carers and partners in a collaborative way so that they can support the person to work towards recovery;
  • Ability to explain the impact of starvation on the brain;
  • Ability to provide appropriate follow up for people referred for treatment, and to manage a person with an eating disorder who is waiting for treatment;
  • Ability to support a person to engage in guided self help;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with professionals from other disciplines in the delivery of multi-disciplinary care and monitor progress;
  • Understanding of the issues in the care of adults with severe and enduring eating disorders;
  • Knowledge of when to seek advice or refer to other colleagues;
  • Ability to utilise relevant tertiary services for professional training, case conferencing, supervision and referral.

By watching this video, you can claim half an hour of self-directed CPD with your professional college or association.

For more information about the content raised in these videos, please see this handout.

This video forms part of a suite of five video modules - check our eLearning section on this website for more or select from the list below: 

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