Addiction to Restriction: Assessing Self-Starvation Behaviours and Their Personality Correlates

About this study

We are interested in the benefits that could be gained by viewing anorexia nervosa from a different perspective, with the aim of improving treatments. To that end, we need to collect information from people with a variety of experiences in relation to eating behaviours. More information about the survey and the survey itself can be found at

Research TeamDr. Nicola Sheeran (Chief Investigator), Dr. Angela Morgan, Dr. Natalie Loxton, Dustin O
InstitutionGriffith University, Mt Gravatt, QLD
Ethics Approval NumberGU Ref No: 2016/327
Funding SourceInternal Griffith University Funding
Project Start Date6 June 2016
ParticipantsWe are looking for females aged 18 and over to participate. We require both participants with and without eating disorders to participate to enable comparisons.
Whats InvolvedWe would like participants to complete an online survey containing questions about their personality, thoughts, and eating behaviours. We estimate the survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Upon completing the survey participants can elect to enter a random draw to win one of two $50 VISA gift cards as a thank you from the researchers.
LocationOnline at
Contact Details

Please contact one of the researchers if you have any questions or concerns about the survey, or if you become distressed by the content of the survey, and we will be able to assist you. Dr. Nicola Sheeran: Ph: (07) 3735 3341, Email: Dr. Angela Morgan: Ph: (07) 3735 3356, Email:

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