Developing Practical Approaches to Eating Disorders: Developing a Skilled Workforce

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This consultation paper is intended to help people and organisations with an interest in delivering eating disorders services to identify strategies for workforce development. The paper provides information on core competencies and professional development strategies. It also provides an opportunity for people to provide feedback to the NEDC on the challenges in implementing workforce development in practice.

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Young peoples' stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs about anorexia nervosa and muscle dysmorphia

ABSTRACT Objective The nature and extent of stigma toward individuals with anorexia nervosa and muscle dysmorphia remains underexplored.

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Preferred therapist characteristics in treatment of anorexia nervosa: The patient's perspective

Objective: Previous research in eating disorders suggests that treatment satisfaction is closely related to the manner in which care is delivered.

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Relationship between desired weight constructs and eating disorder severity following treatment for anorexia nervosa

Background Desired weight is an indicator of illness severity in youth with anorexia nervosa (AN), but its impact on eating disorder symptoms over time and in adults is unknown.

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Normal Inhibin B Levels Suggest Partial Preservation of Gonadal Function in Adult Male Patients with Anorexia Nervosa

Introduction: The impact of undernutrition on endocrine and exocrine gonadatrope function is poorly known in male anorexia nervosa (AN) patients.

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