Dietary patterns of patients with binge eating disorders with and without night eating.

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OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to compare dietary patterns (timing and frequency of binge episodes, caloric intake and macronutrient composition) of patients with binge eating disorders (BE) with and without night eating syndrome (NES). DESIGN: The study includes 59 women (18-60) who sought treatment for Eating Disorders (EDs) and were diagnosed with BED or BN (BE) with or without NES. They were divided into two groups: NES-BE and BE-only. The participants kept 7-day, 24-h food diaries and completed demographic and depression questionnaires. RESULTS: NES-BE reported significantly a higher frequency of binge days and binge episodes during the week, and more energy and fat consumption than BE-only. CONCLUSIONS: Individuals with NES-BE exhibit higher levels of eating pathology than individuals with BE-only. Thus, NES-BE may not be simply a variant of BED or BN but rather a separate entity that may lead to a more severe disorder and require early assessment and more intensive and suitable treatment. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Level V, cross-sectional descriptive study.

AuthorLatzer, Yael; Yutal, Adi Elron; Givon, Miri; Kabakov, Orna; Alon, Sigal; Zuckerman-Levin, Nehama; Rozenstain-Hason, Michal; Tzischinsky, Orna
JournalEating and weight disorders : EWD

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