Do body positive communities buffer against weight stigma? A pilot study

About this study

We are interested in finding out whether belonging to the body positive community can protect people from some of the negative impacts of weight stigma.

We are currently looking for people who work in the field of body image or eating disorders who are happy to answer some questions about their own experiences of weight stigma, their connection to body positive/fat positive communities, and psychological distress.

You are invited to take part if you meet the following criteria:
1) are over 18,
2) have a BMI of 30 or higher,
3) have had some exposure to body positive and/or fat positive communities. This means that you have seen body positive content online through platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, or have engaged in discussions face to face with people in body positive communities. and
4) work within the body image or eating disorders field (e.g. including in research, as a clinician, in advocacy)

You are asked to avoid taking part if you believe answering questions about your experiences of weight stigma or weight discrimination will cause you discomfort. The questionnaire takes about 5-10 minutes, and it is anonymous. No identifying information will be collected.

Research TeamDr Jo Doley and Ms Tyler Callaway
InstitutionVictoria University
Ethics Approval NumberHRE21-113
Project Start DateAugust 16, 2021
Project End DateSeptember 1, 2021
Contact Details

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