Eating disorders: Screening, Identification & Referral Guide

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Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses with a range of potentially life-threatening medical complications.

This two-page guide can help you identify and assess eating disorders through common physical, behavioural, and psychological symptoms and signs.




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Young peoples' stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs about anorexia nervosa and muscle dysmorphia

ABSTRACT Objective The nature and extent of stigma toward individuals with anorexia nervosa and muscle dysmorphia remains underexplored.

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Stigma and eating disorders: Is there evidence of negative attitudes towards anorexia nervosa among women in the community?

Background and aims: Few studies have examined stigma towards individuals affected by eating disorders.

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Family therapy for child and adolescent eating disorders: A critical review

Eating disorder-focused family therapy has emerged as the strongest evidence-based treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa, supported by evidence from nine RCTs, and there is increasing evidence of its efficacy in treating adolescent bulimia nervosa (three RCTs).

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A systematic and methodological review of attentional biases in eating disorders: Food, body, and perfectionism.

OBJECTIVE: The current systematic and methodological review aimed to critically review existing literature utilizing implicit processing, or automatic approach- and/or avoidance-related attentional biases between eating disorder (ED) and nonclinical samples, which (a) highlights how psychophysiological methods advance knowledge of ED implicit bias; (b) explains how findings fit into transdiagnostic versus disorder-specific ED frameworks; and (c) suggests how research can address perfectionism-related ED biases.

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