Free trial of an online CBT program for bulimia nervosa

About this study

 A self-help, CBT-based online treatment has been developed by eating disorder researchers and specialists at the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD) for individuals suffering with bulimia nervosa. The participant will be guided through the learning objectives in each session of the program by a filmed, pre-recorded therapist. Each session consists of specialised elements such as psycho-education, personal stories and interactive activities – all providing ongoing motivation and encouragement to help stabilise one’s eating behaviours.

Research TeamDr Sarah Maguire (Principal Investigator), Professor Stephen Touyz (Associate Investigator), Professor Janice Russell (Associate Investigator), Sarah Barakat (Student Researcher)
InstitutionCentre for Eating and Dieting Disorders
Ethics Approval NumberX14-0302
Project Start Date29 June 2016
ParticipantsIndividuals aged 16-65 years old living in NSW & experiencing symptoms of bulimia nervosa (no gender preference)
Whats InvolvedIf you decide to participate, you will be allocated to the treatment group or waitlist control. Those in the treatment group will engage in the first session of the program and then fill out an online Food Diary for the following 28 days. Participants will receive a weekly check-in phone call and complete a short questionnaire each week to monitor their progress. Participants in the control group will not gain access to the program but will receive the weekly phone calls and complete the questionnaires. Following the end of the 4-week trial both participants in the control and treatment group will gain free access to the entire eTherapy program, consisting of an additional 4 therapy sessions.
LocationOnline study
Contact Details

For more information or to express your interest in participating in the study, please contact CEDD at

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