Gender differences in eating related intrusive thoughts

About this study

You are invited to participate in an online study investigating gender differences in the experience of eating related intrusive thoughts. Your participation requires only 10-15 minutes of your time. This study is being conducted by Nicole Thaiposri as part of her Master of Clinical Psychology under the supervision of Professor John Reece. Your participation will be contributing to a growing area of research and will be greatly appreciated. To proceed, please copy and paste the following link into a new window:

Research TeamNicole Thaiposri & Professor John Reece
InstitutionAustralian College of Applied Psychology
Ethics Approval Number445230718
Funding SourceAustralian College of Applied Psychology
Project Start Date23 July 2018
Project End Date30 November 2018
ParticipantsMembers of the general population and those with a current or historical eating disorder diagnosis.
Whats InvolvedOnline survey consisting of three brief self-report measures taking 10-15 minutes in total:
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