GPimED-General Practice: improving management of Eating Disorders. Can a One hour online educational intervention improve the detection and management of patients with Eating Disorders by GP Trainees?

About this study

A randomised active controlled trial evaluating whether a one hour online intervention can have a significant impact on the early detection and appropriate management of patients with potential eating disorders by General Practice Registrars (Trainees).

Research TeamResearchers: A/Prof. L. A. Sanci, Dr. S. K. Davidson, Dr. J. Conway
InstitutionUniversity of Melbourne
Ethics Approval Number1648419
Funding SourceGordon Castles Scholarship University of Melbourne, Australian Government Research Training Program
Project Start Date3 May 2017
ParticipantsGeneral Practice Registrars on second placement (GPT2) as part of FRACGP training
Whats InvolvedVolunteers will complete pre-intervention demographic and baseline knowledge questionnaires by online survey, followed by random allocation to intervention or control arms. Completion of the relevant online modules with follow-up clinical vignettes and questions to evaluate differences in recognition, diagnosis and management of patients with a probable Eating Disorder.
LocationVictorian General Practices

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