Management of eating disorders for people with higher weight: clinical practice guidelines

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The National Eating Disorder Collaboration (NEDC) Steering Committee has convened a Guideline Development Group for ‘Management of eating disorders for people with higher weight: clinical practice guidelines’. The Guideline Development Group includes academic, clinical expertise and lived expertise.

The aim of this guideline is to synthesise the current best practice approaches to management for people with an eating disorder who are at higher weight, based on the premise that, every person with an eating disorder is deserving of equitable, safe, accessible, and evidence-based care regardless of their body size. It accords with the role and function of NEDC to synthesise research evidence, clinical expertise and lived experience in national standards to improve systems of care for all Australians. 

Throughout 2021, this guideline has undergone extensive review and consultation, involving reviews by key stakeholders including experts and organisations with clinical, academic and/or lived experience. NEDC and the Guideline Development Group are now seeking public consultation on this guideline and we welcome your feedback.

The public consultation will be open from 18 November until 14 December. Feedback can be provided by completing this online questionnaire. Feedback sent in directly via email will not be accepted.

When reading this guideline, please keep in mind that the current document is a draft and the content presented does not represent the final content and recommendations.

To access the document please click here.

To access the online form to submit feedback, please click here.

The feedback received from this public consultation will be reviewed by the Guideline Development Group and will inform guideline development. The final version of the guideline is expected to be completed and available on the NEDC website in May-June 2022.

Questions regarding the guideline or the public consultation process should be directed to NEDC’s Research Lead, Dr Angelique Ralph at

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