Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, That Is Not What I Look Like at All: Exploring Self-Perception

About this study

(Online via Zoom) You are invited to participate in a study investigating self-perception. We hope to learn what psychological factors may influence how flexible self-perception is. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to: • Complete an online questionnaire • Pose for a neutral photograph that only our research team will see • Complete some online experimental tasks which assess self-perception (this will involve looking at a photo of your face, viewing a video of another person’s face with various expressions, and mimicking such facial expressions when instructed). The time needed to complete the study is not expected to exceed 2-hours. As compensation, you will be provided with a $30 online gift card!

Research TeamJade Portingale (PhD)
InstitutionThe University of Melbourne
Ethics Approval Number2021-21318-15180-2
Funding SourceUniversity
Project Start DateMarch 1, 2021
Project End DateNovember 30, 2021
ParticipantsFemale, aged 18 years and over, speak fluent English, Caucasian or Asian ethnicity.
What is InvolvedUniversity of Melbourne PhD Student and honours students
LocationOnline (via Zoom)
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