National Eating Disorders Collaboration Consultation Papers: Evidence in Practice Implementing the National Framework

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The National Eating Disorders Framework standards schema includes seven core principles and four
implementation principles which, if implemented together, provide the foundation for an effective
and consistent system to address eating disorders.

The principles of prevention and treatment focus on access to comprehensive, coordinated
approaches that provide individually tailored pathways that can be consistently implemented.
The principles are predicated on the need to be informed by evidence from research and the lived

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Inpatient costs and predictors of costs in the psychosomatic treatment of anorexia nervosa

OBJECTIVE: In German inpatient psychosomatics per diem lump sums will be introduced as reimbursement rates by 2013.

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A model-driven approach to studying dissociations between body size mental representations in anorexia nervosa

This study compared dissociations between mental representations of current, ideal and normal body sizes (i.e., Current BS, Ideal BS and Normal BS) for women with anorexia nervosa (AN group, n = 56) and healthy women (control group, n = 56).

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Developing a measure for assessing recovery from anorexia nervosa across five stages of change

The purpose of this study was to advance understanding of the self-change process in recovery from anorexia nervosa (AN).

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The therapeutic process in psychological treatments for eating disorders: A systematic review

ABSTRACT Objective For eating disorders, a vast number of investigations have demonstrated the efficacy of psychological treatments.

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