Practical Responses to Eating Disorders: A Guide to Implementing Responses to Eating Disorders in General Health Services

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Implementation translates evidence into practice. The NEDC has developed a suite of evidence informed reports and resources that together outline evidence from research, clinical expertise and lived experience of eating disorders. This Implementation Guide explores the practical first steps required to translate that evidence into accessible and effective services for people with eating disorders. It is intended for use by people with an interest in planning, evaluating or developing services for people with eating disorders.

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The relationship among compulsive buying, compulsive internet use and temperament in a sample of female patients with eating disorders.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the association among compulsive buying (CB), compulsive internet use (CIU) and reactive/regulative temperament in a sample of 60 female patients with eating disorders.

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Confronting fear using exposure and response prevention for anorexia nervosa: A randomized controlled pilot study

OBJECTIVE: Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a severe illness with high rates of relapse.

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Randomized controlled trial of olanzapine in the treatment of cognitions in anorexia nervosa

OBJECTIVE: Recovery from anorexia nervosa is confounded by intrusive anorectic cognitions and rituals.

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World federation of societies of biological psychiatry (WFSBP) guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of eating disorders

OBJECTIVES: The treatment of eating disorders is a complex process that relies not only on the use of psychotropic drugs but should include also nutritional counselling, psychotherapy and the treatment of the medical complications, where they are present.

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