Recovery and treatment experiences among people with eating disorders

About this study

This research examines the experiences of treatment and recovery among people with eating disorders through qualitative methods. It seeks to understand what has helped them to live in recovery and what has hindered them. The research is aimed at improving treatment outcomes for people with eating disorders by building an understanding of the lived experience of people who have undergone treatment, as their voices are often left out of the treatment analysis. This research examines the experiences of people who are in eating disorders' recovery through two studies. An online focus group (OFG) has already been conducted with a group of seven participants. The current study is built on the data from the OFG. It will be a series of individual interviews commencing in June 2018. Data from the OFG has been used to inform the development of the questions that will be asked in the interviews.

Research TeamDr Janette Simmonds (Primary researcher/advisor), Capella Meurer (student researcher/PhD candidate), Dr Tristan Snell (associate supervisor)
InstitutionMonash University
Funding SourceN/A
Project Start Date26 June 2018
Project End Date24 August 2018
ParticipantsUp to 12 people in eating disorder recovery
Whats InvolvedAttending a recorded interview of up to one hour in length. The interview will cover topics including individual experience of recovery and in treatment. Interview questions will be provided ahead of time.
LocationAt a mutually agreeable location in or around Melb
Contact Details

Capella Meurer- 9902 4876

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