The Relation Between Eating Disorders and Voice Disorders.

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OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to determine the relation between specific eating disorder diagnoses/purging behaviors and voice disorders. METHOD: One hundred-nine participants with eating disorders completed a survey inquiring about eating disorder symptoms, purging behaviors, and voice disorder symptoms. Participants also completed the Eating Disorders Examination Questionnaire, Voice Handicap Index, and the Reflux Symptom Index. RESULTS: The prevalence of voice disorders among the group with eating disorders was 21.88%. Of those with both eating disorders and voice disorders, anorexia nervosa appeared to be more prevalent in this group than bulimia nervosa. In addition, purging behaviors of exercise presented with a higher prevalence of voice problems than vomiting. CONCLUSION: Individuals with eating disorders seem to be at a higher risk for voice disorders than the general population. Anorexia nervosa and exercise as a purging method were identified as the highest risk factors for voice disorders.

AuthorLawrence, Taylor; van Mersbergen, Miriam
JournalJournal of voice : official journal of the Voice F

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