Use of Eating Disorder Recovery Sites and Social Media

About this study

A large proportion of people with eating disorders delay or do not seek professional help but may engage in informal help seeking through social media platforms, such as Instagram. This study aims to identify the descriptive characteristics of the Instagram eating disorder recovery community and understand its users’ perspectives on recovery and support-seeking. It will also collect user feedback on what types of online support they seek and perceive to be beneficial for their recovery.

Research TeamDr Suzie Cosh, Miss Emily Au
InstitutionThe University of New England
Ethics Approval NumberHE20-112
Funding SourceNone
Project Start DateJune 16, 2020
Project End DateOctober 30, 2020
-Aged 16 years or over
-Instagram users
-Posts and interacts under eating disorder recovery-related hashtags such as #EDRecovery and/or #EatingDisorderRecovery
-Proficient in English
What is InvolvedParticipants will be required to complete an online self-report survey, which will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. This survey will include a mix of open-ended short answer questions, as well as established psychometric measures. Questions will relate to demographics, disordered eating behaviour, experience with professional treatment, help-seeking intent, platform usage and perceptions of the online recovery community.
Contact Details

Emily Au

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