Early Intervention for Schools - Recognising and Initiating Intervention

Early Intervention for Schools - Recognising and Initiating Intervention


About this event

This workshop is particularly useful for professionals working with young people such as teachers, school nurses, counsellors, pastoral care staff, school psychologists, boarding house staff, and youth workers.

It provides a basic understanding of what eating disorders are, and how they affect a young person physically, emotionally and socially. Following a case study, the journey from initial concern for a young person, to taking appropriate steps to approach and speak to the young person and initiating intervention will be explored. There will be ample opportunity for networking and sharing experiences with other professionals working with youth.

Objectives: By the end of this workshop, you will be able to 

- Describe the spectrum of disordered eating as identified from appropriate healthy eating principles, and the etiologic factors involved in the development of eating disorders 

- Outline symptoms indicating a potential eating disorder and other co-occurring physical and mental health conditions that may require assessment 

- Explain the psychological background of eating disorders using metaphors and images; and describe the impact on a person’s psychological health, and social end educational functioning 

- Describe the issues/barriers when approaching a young person potentially denying their problematic behaviours and identify strategies to overcome these 

- List and apply the necessary steps to take upon recognition of a potential eating disorder in a school or community environment 

- Describe an appropriate support for children and youth with an eating disorder

- List referral options and pathways specific to Western Australia

Contact Perth Children’s Hospital for bookings.


Contact Details

Person: Ulrike O'Sullivan

Email: ulrike.o'sullivan@health.wa.gov.au



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