This dedicated page provides access to evidence-based eating disorders information and tools needed to support Primary Health Networks (PHNs) activities and the communities they serve.

Fact sheets for PHNs

Facts about eating disorders for PHNs

Eating Disorders Stepped System of Care

Eating disorders high risk groups and co-occurring conditions

DSM V criteria for eating disorders

Screening and assessment tools for eating disorders

Communicating to reduce eating disorder risk 

Fact Sheets for Health Professionals

The following series of fact sheets on disordered eating and the different eating disorder diagnoses may be shared with health professionals in your region, as well as embedded in clinical health pathways. They also can be used to support consumer education. 

Body Image

Disordered Eating and Dieting

Anorexia nervosa

Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID)

Binge eating disorder

Bulimia nervosa

Other specified feeding and eating disorders (OSFED)

More information about other presentations including Pica, and Rumination Disorder, may be accessed here.

Eating disorders in males

Eating disorders and diabetes

The following profession-specific resources are available:

General Practitioners: A Professional Resource

Eating Disorders and the Dietitian Decision-Making Tool

Pregnancy: A Guide for Assessment and Referral

Pharmacy and Eating Disorders

Dentistry and Eating Disorders

Resources to support General Practices

NEDC Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs. A nationally recognised and freely accessible online training, accredited by the RACGP as a CPD Accredited Activity (40 points), ACRRM under the Professional Development Program and GPMHSC as Mental Health CPD. The four-hour, self-paced and interactive training provides GPs with the key information, tools and resources needed to improve treatment outcomes and best practice care for their patients with eating disorders. Access here.

Quality Improvement Toolkit for General Practice: Eating Disorders Module. Developed by Brisbane South PHN to support GP practices in early identification, treatment, and data integrity. The Toolkit can be viewed here. Contact Brisbane South PHN to obtain a white-label version to adapt and share with GP practices across your PHN region.

Medicare Eating Disorder items. Allow Australians living with a severe and complex eating disorder to access up to 60 Medicare-funded sessions of treatment; including up to 40 psychological and 20 dietetic sessions. Access quick guides and information about Eating Disorder Treatment and Management Plans here. NEDC is keeping up to date with Covid-19 and MBS Telehealth items relating to eating disorders. Find out more here.

CBT Guided Self-Help can be a useful intervention in some eating disorder presentations. Find out more here.

The Care Team. Find out more about the roles of different members of the care team in supporting eating disorder treatment and recovery here.

Eating Disorder Credential 

The ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential provides mental health professionals and dietitians with formal recognition of qualifications, knowledge, training, and professional development activities needed to meet minimum standards for the delivery of safe and effective eating disorders treatment.

The Credential aims to support early intervention and best practice treatment for people experiencing eating disorders. Find out more here.

if you are a GP or other health professional wanting to refer someone experiencing an eating disorder to a mental health professional or dietitian with appropriate knowledge, skill, and experience, see the ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential database.

NEDC publications and additional resources

A suite of NEDC's publications including national standards, workforce core competencies can be accessed here.

Key considerations for services providers  

Primary Health Networks quick reference guide 

Deloitte Access Economics, Prevalence of eating disorders by Primary Health Network (2019) 

NEDC and Mindframe - eating disorders media and communications guidelines (2021)

Peer work guide for eating disorders (2020)

Building the System of Care for Eating Disorders: view Dr. Beth Shelton's keynote from NEDC Members' Meeting 2020

NEDC Consultation Papers: Evidence in Practice Implementing the National Framework (2014)

There are lots of great resources available to support PHNs, health professionals, service providers, and consumers. If you have not found what are looking for, please contact NEDC at

NEDC has developed an Eating Disorders Quality Improvement Tool for PHNs (ED QI) to support PHNs plan and implement best practice actions to respond to eating disorders in their regions. Find out more here.

NEDC recognises the challenges for PHNs in facilitating an effective, integrated primary health care system that addresses both local health care needs and the national priorities determined by the Australian Government. Find out more about NEDC's purpose and work with PHNs here.

Contact NEDC to discuss our current work and projects with PHNs.