The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC) - building the system of care for people experiencing eating disorders and their families and supports.

NEDC is an initiative of the Australian eating disorder sector funded by the Australian Government and dedicated to developing and implementing a nationally consistent, evidence-based system of care for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. NEDC is a national collaborative platform for experts in lived experience, clinical services, and research to generate unified, evidence-based sector positions and consistent national standards that are translated into practical action for prevention, identification, and treatment. NEDC also has a vital role in coordinating investment and providing expertise and impartial policy advice to the Australian Government.

In the past decade NEDC has created a large body of comprehensive, evidence-based information and resources which establish standards for prevention and treatment of eating disorders. NEDC implements these standards in bespoke system-building tools, workforce initiatives and consultation. To inform this work, NEDC engages a significant group of stakeholders, including clinicians, researchers, people with lived experience, families, and other experts. NEDC also provides expert consultation and guidance on evidence-based provision of eating disorder services to health and mental health organisations nationally.



NEDC develops and helps implement a consistent, evidence-informed national approach to the prevention and management of eating disorders in Australia.

NEDC provides a vital collaborative and strategic platform for the Australian eating disorder sector, generating a unified sector voice and coordinated national action.

NEDC supports the development of a skilled clinical and lived experience workforce with expertise based on nationally consistent standards.

NEDC synthesizes lived experience, research evidence, and clinical expertise in consistent, national standards for prevention, identification, and treatment of eating disorders.

NEDC actively implements evidence-based national standards across the stepped system of care.

NEDC’s vision is that all people living in Australia experiencing disordered eating or an eating disorder can access an effective, consistent, and equitable stepped system of care to provide the best chance of recovery.


NEDC’s work is led by National Director Dr Beth Shelton and Steering Committee Chair Professor Phillipa Hay with the NEDC team and a Steering Committee of experts in lived experience, clinical services, and research. NEDC has more than 8000 members. NEDC is funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care.

The Butterfly Foundation administers the NEDC contract on behalf of the Australian Government.