Eating Disorders: Early Intervention and Community Treatment - SEMPHN

Eating Disorders: Early Intervention and Community Treatment - SEMPHN

Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV)

About this event

A free online workshop for GPs in the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network, thanks to the Australian Communities Foundation

General Practitioners (GPs) are the first point of call for people who feel they or a loved one may have an eating disorder. However, eating disorders are extremely complex mental illnesses that require some level of specialist knowledge to ensure symptoms are not confused with other conditions. This activity-based training has been designed specifically for GPs and will include a panel of experts and people with a lived experience of an eating disorder. Predisposing and reinforcing activities must be completed pre and post attendance at this event.

Learning objectives:

- Coordinate care for a person with an eating disorder with specialist services and community providers.

- Evaluate the signs and symptoms of the different types of eating disorders.

- Support patient engagement and disclosure for patients with an undiagnosed eating disorder.

- Implement the use of HEADDS and SCOFF screening tools.

- Assess the clinical risks associated with eating disorders.

This online workshop is in two parts: Friday November 13th and Friday November 20th. Both workshops must be attended in order to receive the RACGP-approved 40 C.P.D Accredited Activity Points.

Cost: Free, thanks to the Australian Communities Foundation

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Person: Lauren Bruce



Lauren Bruce

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