Open Webinar: General Practice Standards

Open Webinar: General Practice Standards


About this event

There is limited guidance around the depth and breadth of knowledge, skills and experience required by eating disorders treatment providers to manage these complex presentations.

To enhance workforce development, the Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED) convened an expert group of eating disorder researchers and clinicians to define the clinical practice and training standards recommended for mental health professionals and dietitians providing treatment for individuals with an eating disorder.

This presentation outlines the eight overarching eating disorder treatment principles:

(1) early intervention is essential;

(2) coordination of services is fundamental to all service models;

(3) services must be evidence based;

(4) involvement of significant others in service provision is highly desirable;

(5) a personalised treatment approach is required for all patients;

(6) education and/or psychoeducation is included in all interventions;

(7) multidisciplinary care is required and

(8) a skilled workforce is necessary.


In addition, it describes the seven general clinical practice standards, including:

(1) diagnosis and assessment;

(2) the multidisciplinary care team;

(3) a positive therapeutic alliance;

(4) knowledge of evidence-based treatment;

(5) knowledge of levels of care;

(6) relapse prevention; and

(7) professional responsibility.

The implementation of these standards aims to build competent practice in the eating disorder sector by bringing treatment closer to best practice, and consequently improve treatment outcomes, reduce financial cost to patients and services and improve patient quality of life.


  • Dr Gabriella Heruc, Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Dr Kim Hurst, Senior Psychologist & Clinical Lead

Chair: Professor Tracey Wade, Clinical Psychologist; Teacher & Researcher

Date and Time: Monday 18 January 2021, noon AEST (1 hour duration)


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Dr Gabriella Heruc, Dr Kim Hurst, Prof. Tracey Wade

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