WA event: Eating Disorders - Essentials 1 Day Workshop for Nurses on Management of Eating Disorders in Adults 2021

WA event: Eating Disorders - Essentials 1 Day Workshop for Nurses on Management of Eating Disorders in Adults 2021

WA Eating Disorders Outreach & Consultation Service (WAEDOCS)

About this event

Facilitators: Jan Fountaine, Mel Edwin, Fintan O’Looney.

This collaborative workshop is designed for nurses who would like to learn more about eating disorders or those nurses in an area of higher responsibility who would like to consolidate their learning. It will include information on:

- The neurobiology of eating disorders
- The importance of effective communication and meal support therapy.
- Best practice medical and nursing management.
- Medicolegal aspects of care
- Starvation syndrome & refeeding
- Recovery from an eating disorder- the lived experience

Registrations Close: Tuesday 9th March for 23rd March, Monday 16th August for 30th August

Registration forms can be requested at WAEDOCS@health.wa.gov.au

For further enquiries, please contact 1300 620 208 or email WAEDOCS@health.wa.gov.au

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Jan Fountaine, Mel Edwin, Fintan O’Looney

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