Temperaments Based Treatment with Support (TBT-S) Webinar

Temperaments Based Treatment with Support (TBT-S) Webinar

Eating Disorders Families Australia

About this event

At this webinar, Adapting TBS-T to the Australian setting, Dr Laura Hill as discussant will lead Carmel Fleming of the Queensland Eating Disorder Service, Michelle Roberton of the Centre for Excellence in Eating Disorders, Tamara Worotniuk of Epworth Hospital and Jasmin Watson of Geelong Clinic in a panel discussion about the experience of applying TBT-S in Australia.

This session will provide you as clinicians with the insights from your colleagues on their experience of applying TBT-S in the Australian environment. Dr Laura Hill will present an overview of TBT-S as originally conceptualised. This will be followed by presentations by the above Australian clinicians on the way TBT -S is currently being incorporated into clinical practice in various Australian settings. These presentations will be followed by discussant comments from Laura Hill. The speakers will then form a panel for an audience Q&A (20 minutes) and closing comments will be delivered by EDFA representative. Please come prepared to raise questions and be ready for an active discussion.

To facilitate claiming of PD points, certificates of attendance and the learning objectives will be provided to attendees. For more info about EDFA and TBT-S please visit edfa.org.au and edfa.org.au/clinicians/tbt-s/

Everyone making a booking/buying a ticket will receive a copy of the webinar recording.


An interest in eating disorder treatment.

Contact Details

Person: Donald Irvine

Email: don.irvine@edfa.org.au


Laura Hill, plus four Australians TBT-S Committee Chair, Eating Disorders Families Australia

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