Queensland event: The Value of the Dietetic Intervention in Eating Disorder Treatment

Queensland event: The Value of the Dietetic Intervention in Eating Disorder Treatment

Queensland Eating Disorder Service (QuEDS) 

About this event

Symposium includes:

- Evaluating the dietetic intervention
- Valuing the dietitian
- Valuing the consumer
- Valuing loved ones/carers

Two full days of useful sessions with multiple guest speakers and an emphasis on useful resources/tools that you can use in your practice. We are hoping to foster collaboration within the dietetic community, responsive/reflective practice, a more consistent approach to dietetic intervention and an increased uptake of tools to evaluate practice.

Sessions and speakers include: 

- The Value of the Dietitian, Dr Warren Ward (Assoc Prof, Director. QuEDS)
- Value and Impact of Credentialing, Susan Hart (APD, PhD, Western Sydney Uni), Shane Jeffrey (APD, River Oak Health)
- Role of QuEDS in Supporting Dietitians, Amanda Davis (Adv APD, QuEDS)
- Dietitian’s Role in Provision of ED, Care Alana Heafala (APD, Griffith Uni)
- Respecting the Body – HAES Approach, Copeland Winten (APD, EDS-SCHHS)
- Dietitian’s Role in Provision of ED Care, Alana Heafala (APD, Griffith Uni)

The symposium will be transmitted live from the RBWH Education Centre Auditorium using the Microsoft Teams platform. Sessions will NOT be recorded. This is a live event ONLY.

Calendar invites will be forwarded pre-event. To ensure a high-quality experience for all we ask that Registrants log into Microsoft Teams meeting prior to commencement i.e. between 0800-0820hrs, with camera ‘off’ and microphone ‘muted’. Questions will be taken via live chat. Presentation notes/slides will be available for download from the Microsoft Teams platform between 0800-1630hrs 7th, 8th October.

Dietitians are encouraged to attend both days as sessions are designed to be complementary.
Participants are invited to form local attendance groups – COVID-permitting.
Registration Cost - $50 (including GST) for two days.

This two-day seminar has been designed for experienced dietitians and does not cover baseline knowledge. Less experienced dietitians with a keen interest in developing skills in this area would benefit from completing the QuEDS Dietitians Knowledge Pathway prior to attendance – please contact Amanda.davis@health.qld.gov.au

NB: This program is subject to change without notice.

For more information please contact QuEDSEducation@health.qld.gov.au

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