Eating Disorder Essentials for Dietitians

Eating Disorder Essentials for Dietitians

Western Australia Eating Disorders Outreach and Consultation Service (WAEDOCS)

About this event

Two-Day Workshop for Dietitians on Management of Eating Disorders for Youth (>16 years) & Adults

This two-day intermediatary workshop is designed for dietitians across all care settings who have limited experience with providing dietetic support for people living eating disorders and would like to learn more about eating disorders or those dietitians who already manage individuals living with an eating disorder who would like to consolidate their skills.

This workshop includes activities, group work and input from a multi-disciplinary team specialising in eating disorder care and treatment.

There are two upcoming workshops.



Date: Tuesday 14th June & Wednesday 15th June 2022

Time: Both days 8am-4:30pm (AWST)

Location: Via Telehealth ONLY (link will be provided closer to the event)

Cost: NIL cost for all WA Health Employees, $150.00 for dietitians in private practice | NGO

Registrations close: Tuesday 7th June 2022



Date: Thursday 1st September & Thursday 8th September 2022

Time: Both days 8am-4:30pm (AWST)

Location: In Person – Harry Perkins Institute (Nedlands Campus), QEII Medical Centre, 6 Verdun Street, Nedlands, WA (Please note limited places available)

OR Via Telehealth (link will be provided closer to the event),

NOTE: This is subject to the prevailing Covid restrictions closer to the event and it may be changed to be delivered via Telehealth.

Cost: $150.00 plus GST for dietitians working in private practice/NGO, or nil cost to WA Health employees

Registrations close: Monday 15th August 2022


Presenters: Melissa Edwin, Senior Dietitian; Tracy Tronchin, A/Senior Dietitian; Jan Fountaine, Nurse Practitioner; Fintan O’Looney, Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist 

This collaborative workshop will include information on:

  • Introduction to eating disorders and dietetics risk assessment for eating disorders
  • Understanding the neurobiology and effects of starvation on eating disorders
  • Best practice medical and nursing management
  • Effective communication for a collaborative relationship
  • Normalising eating for individuals living with an eating disorder including meal support
  • Understanding evidence-informed dietetic care for psychological treatments for people living with eating disorders
  • Improve understanding of navigating care for a person living with an eating disorder
  • Identifying and brief management of populations at risk of developing an eating disorder


For more information: view the registration form

To register: Please complete the registration form electronically and email it back to for processing.  

Enquiries: please contact 1300 620 208 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm or email


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