Understanding Medical Changes that occur in individuals with Eating Disorders

Understanding Medical Changes that occur in individuals with Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA)

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This session with Associate Professor Warren Ward will give parents and caregivers a greater understanding of the medical changes that occur as a result of starvation and other compensatory behaviours for individuals with eating disorders.

Some of the topics covered will be abnormal blood results (what is measured and why), ECG changes (what happens and why), postural hypotension and heart rate changes (what’s actually happening in the body), re-feeding syndrome, bone health, menstruation, etc.

The presentation will include 30 minutes of Q&A’s with Warren and the audience.

Warren Ward is Director of the Queensland Eating Disorders Service (QuEDS) and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Queensland. He is Chair of the Queensland Health Eating Disorder Advisory Group and co-author of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry (RANZCP) Clinical Practice Guidelines for Eating Disorders. In 2017 he received the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED) Distinguished Achievement Award. In 2018 he was elected a Fellow of the International Academy of Eating Disorders. He has published more than forty articles and book chapters, most of them on eating disorders. He was recently appointed Medical Director of Wandi Nerida, Australia’s first residential program for eating disorders.

For EDFA members only. Membership is $25. Membership gives access to monthly state-based strive carer support groups, twice monthly education sessions and more. 

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Associate Professor of Psychiatry Warren Ward

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