Insights in recovery - An overview of the research project informing the Insights in Recovery Guide

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The Insights in Recovery project explored recovery oriented healthcare practices that are meaningful for people with all eating disorder diagnoses. This was a co-designed and co-managed research project involving shared leadership between specialists in eating disorders and people with lived experience. The substantive component of the project involved extensive consultation with consumers.

The aim of the project was to establish a consensus guide to the provision of recovery oriented services for adults with eating disorders that are experienced as motivating, hope inspiring and empowering for sustained recovery. Overall, the data collected in the Insights in Recovery project supports the use of the personal recovery model as relevant to people with eating disorders. This project has highlighted areas where recovery oriented approaches for people with eating disorders may require a different emphasis.

Findings from this study have informed the development of a new resource on recovery oriented practice as a companion to the National Framework for Recovery Oriented Mental Health Services (2013): Insights in Recovery: A consumer- informed guide for practitioners working with people with eating disorders.

The Insights in Recovery project was implemented by the Butterfly Foundation in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of NSW, and supported in part by the Ian Potter Foundation.

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