Guidelines for the Inpatient Management of Adult Eating Disorders in General Medical and Psychiatric Settings in NSW

About this resource

This document is designed to be used by nurses, doctors, allied health and general health staff located in hospitals or wards without specialist eating disorder facilities, to guide in the assessment of eating disorders, indicators for admission, and management strategies.

The document is divided into three sections:

  • Background
  • Assessing for an Eating Disorder and
  • Management of the Eating Disorder Inpatient Admission

These Management Guidelines were developed following a review of the relevant literature by the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders (CEDD) and in consultation with three expert reference groups; an eating disorder specialist clinician reference group, a NSW Health Management reference group comprising local health district medical and mental health managers as well as representatives from key health oversight organisations, and a Consumer and Carers reference group facilitated by the Butterfly Foundation.

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