Butterfly's new service In the Wings: Single Session Intervention

Attention clinicians and services: Do you have people on a waitlist for eating disorder treatment under an Eating Disorders Treatment Plan (EDTP) or Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP)?

Butterfly Foundation's new service can help.

Butterfly has launched In The Wings, a new Single Session Intervention (SSI) service, in response to overwhelming demand for eating disorder treatment and the resulting long wait lists.

In The Wings will offer referred people who are waitlisted for eating disorder treatment under an EDTP or MHCP:

  • a free 60-to-90-minute online session with psychologists trained by Dr Anthea Fursland PhD, FAED and Dr Susan Byrne PhD, DPhil (who developed SSI)
  • a piloted service available until 30 June 22
  • psychoeducation about the physical and psychosocial consequences of eating disorders
  • a provisional diagnosis
  • an understanding of the factors that are maintaining their eating disorder
  • a range of psychoeducational resources
  • a plan to work with while people wait to be offered ongoing treatment.

For more information on the requirements for people during the pilot phase, or to refer a person please go to butterfly.org.au/get-support/inthewings/

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