Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs

Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs is comprehensive foundational eating disorder training developed specifically for GPs. The training provides GPs with the key information needed to provide best practice care for patients with eating disorders.

The training will equip GPs with the knowledge and skills needed to understand, identify and assess eating disorders, provide medical treatment, lead the multidisciplinary team, manage MBS items and provide ongoing recovery support.

This four-hour, self-paced and interactive online training includes practical real-life scenarios and activities, videos from leaders in the field and people with a lived experience of an eating disorder, up to date resources and a formal assessment.

While the training has been developed for GPs, it is also applicable to other medical and health professionals. The training includes comprehensive foundational information on eating disorders and will support medical and health professionals to effectively identify and respond to eating disorders. It also covers the eating disorder MBS items, the importance of and roles within the multidisciplinary care team, and understanding the stepped system of care for eating disorders. The training is particularly relevant to medical and health professionals working in general practice as well as community-based services.


The Modules

Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs includes five modules which align with the NEDC Workforce Core Competencies and the stepped system of care for eating disorders. The five modules include:

Module 1: Key Features for Early Identification covers clinical features, prevalence and impact, risk factors and warning signs of eating disorders.

Module 2: Initial Response covers screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment pathways under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) including Eating Disorder Plans.

Module 3: Shared Care covers referring to appropriate services in the stepped system of care for eating disorders, coordinating the multidisciplinary team and engaging families and supports.

Module 4: Medical Treatment covers medical care, and nutrition and mental health support.

Module 5: Recovery Support covers supporting a patient experiencing an eating disorder across the course of illness.

Accreditation and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs is accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) as a CPD Accredited Activity (40 points), the General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) as Mental Health CPD and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) under the Professional Development Program.

Accessing the Training

Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs is available free of charge to all NEDC members.

How to access the training:

1. Log in or become a member of NEDC (membership with NEDC is free)

2. Once you are logged in, go to your personal dashboard on the NEDC website

3. On your personal dashboard, click 'Start Course' or 'Continue Course' to access the training

4. You will be directed to NEDC's learning management system, where you will have access to Eating Disorder Core Skills: eLearning for GPs


For an optimal learning experience, we recommend accessing the training from a desktop or laptop computer and using the browser Google Chrome.


Please share this training with health professionals or people with an interest in eating disorders.

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