NEDC Fact Sheet - Anorexia Nervosa

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Taste sensitivity in anorexia nervosa: A systematic review.

OBJECTIVE: There is evidence for altered processing of taste in anorexia nervosa, particularly in the areas of reward processing and hedonic sensitivity.

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Body image related negative interpretation bias in anorexia nervosa

Aÿdistorted body imageÿand pronounced body dissatisfaction are hallmarks ofÿanorexia nervosaÿ(AN) that typically result inÿdietary restraintÿand compensatory behaviours.

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Caregiver burden and illness perceptions in caregivers of medically hospitalized youth with anorexia nervosa

Caregiver burden is common in caregivers of youth withÿanorexia nervosaÿ(AN) and could impede the successful implementation of family-based therapy (FBT).

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Verbal emotional expressiveness in women with eating disorders: recalling autobiographical memories.

PURPOSE: This study aimed to study autobiographical memories in women with eating disorders regarding emotional verbal expression, according to age.

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