Assessment & treatment of children and adolescents with eating disorders in Queensland

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The aim of this guideline is to assist staff within Queensland Health Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS), Departments of Emergency Medicine, inpatient mental health units and paediatric medical wards when assessing a child or adolescent with a possible eating disorder, and deciding the most appropriate placement, treatment and care for the child or adolescent where admission to hospital is required. This decision is based on a number of safety issues and will need to be made on a case by case basis.
This guideline is not designed to be a prescriptive model of care, as no single model would cater for the heterogeneity of presentations seen throughout the state. The guideline provides suggested principles and minimum standards to enhance safe service delivery and assist practitioners in their decision making.
It is recommended that this guideline is used to support the formulation of local protocols and work instructions regarding clinical admission options, management of medical risks, governance issues and communication pathways. It is recognised that there are variations in local resources, and each case should be assessed on an individual basis depending on risk.


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