Key Organisations, Guidelines and Policy Documents


ACT Eating Disorders Program 

ACT Eating Disorders Position Statement (2018)
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Canberra Hospital and Health Services Clinical Guideline. Adults with Eating Disorders – Management of Inpatients (2018) 
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Guidelines for the Admission of Children and Young People with an Eating Disorder NSW
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Guidelines for the Inpatient Management of Adult Eating Disorders in General Medical and Psychiatric Settings in NSW (2014)
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InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders

NSW Eating Disorders Toolkit: a practice-based guide to the inpatient management of children and adolescents with eating disorders (2018)
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NSW LHD Eating Disorder Coordinators
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Service Plan for People with an Eating Disorder (2013-2018)
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Top End Health Service


EDQ (Eating Disorders Queensland)

QuEDS (Queensland Eating Disorder Service)

QuEDS: A guide to admission and inpatient treatment for people with eating disorders in Queensland (2019)
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Queensland Health Guideline: Assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with eating disorders in Queensland
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SEDS (SA Statewide Eating Disorder Service)

Service Model: South Australian Statewide Specialist Eating Disorders Services (2011)
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Butterfly (Tasmania)


CEED (Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders)

Eating Disorders Victoria 

Victorian eating disorders strategy (2014)
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WAEDOCS (WA Eating Disorders Outreach and Consultation Service)

WAEDOCS Eating Disorders: the Management of Youth and Adults- a Quick Reference Guide (2019)
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ANZAED (Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders)

Butterfly Foundation 

Butterfly Foundation- National Agenda for Eating Disorders 
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Eating Disorders Families Australia

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Collaboration

NEDC National Practice Standards for Eating Disorders
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Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Eating Disorders
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NEDC'S Eating Disorders Quality Improvement Tool for PHNs (ED QI) 

The National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC), alongside PHN leaders and eating disorder experts, have developed a user-friendly, online tool for PHNs.


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