This page contains links to national and state/territory policy and guidelines, in addition to national and state/territory-based service development and lived experience organisations. For information about treatment and support services, refer to NEDC’s services directory.



Australian Eating Disorders Research & Translation Strategy 2021-2031 (2021)

National Practice Standards for Eating Disorders (2018)

The National Agenda for Eating Disorders 2017 to 2022 (2017)


ACT Eating Disorders Position Statement (2018)

NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders 2021- 2025 (2021)

Victorian Eating Disorders Strategy (2014)



ANZAED eating disorder treatment principles and general clinical practice and training standards (2020)

ANZAED practice and training standards for dietitians providing eating disorder treatment (2020)

ANZAED practice and training standards for mental health professionals providing eating disorder treatment (2020)

Guidelines on reporting and portrayal of eating disorders: A Mindframe resource for communicators (2021)

Mental Health First Aid: Eating disorders first aid guidelines (2008)

RANZCP clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of eating disorders (2014)



Guidelines for the Admission of Children and Young People with an Eating Disorder (2014)

Guidelines for the Inpatient Management of Adult Eating Disorders in General Medical and Psychiatric Settings in NSW (2014)

NSW Eating Disorders Toolkit: a practice-based guide to the inpatient management of children and adolescents with eating disorders (2018)


Assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with eating disorders in Queensland (2020)

EDQ clinical guidelines for therapeutic interventions in eating disorders (2021)

QuEDS Guide for Community Mental Health Clinicians (2020)

QuEDS Guide to Admission and Inpatient Treatment (2019)


WA Eating Disorders Outreach & Consultation Service (WAEDOCS) Eating Disorders: the Management of Youth and Adults - a Quick Reference Guide (2019)

Service development organisations

Can be defined as organisations that focus on upskilling health professionals and services, and/or developing policy to guide health services and policymakers to plan for and effectively respond to eating disorders. Some service development organisations also provide clinical services and/or conduct lived experience activities.


Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED)

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders (also has a state-based remit) 

National Eating Disorders Collaboration (NEDC)



InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders (also has a national remit)


Eating Disorder Program, Child and Youth Mental Health Service

Queensland Eating Disorders Service (QuEDS)


Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED)


WA Eating Disorders Outreach and Consultation Service (WAEDOCS) 

Lived experience organisations

Can be defined as organisations that advocate, educate, support, and provide evidence-based information about eating disorders to people with lived experience and their families/supports, as well as to the broader community. Some lived experience organisations also provide clinical services and/or conduct service development activities.


Butterfly Foundation 

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA)



Eating Disorder Queensland (EDQ)


Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV)




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