Introduction to Eating Disorders

Introduction to Eating Disorders

This half-hour video module is aimed at health and helping professionals and provides an introduction to eating disorders.

By watching this video, you can claim half an hour of self-directed CPD with your professional college or association. Learning outcomes include:

  • Knowledge of healthy relationships to food and body image, how eating disorders interrupt these and impact on psychological and physical health and quality of life;
  • Awareness of the overlapping nature of eating disorders and the prevalence of atypical presentations;
  • Knowledge of appropriate services and supports and where to refer people with eating disorders to address their physical, psychological and nutritional needs;
  • Awareness of how care teams are set up, including the range of professions required to safely address all aspects of illness and their respective roles.

For more information about the content raised in these videos, please see this handout.

This video forms part of a suite of five video modules. Check our eLearning section on this website for more or select the next video from the list below:

- Screening and Assessment

- Medical Management

- Nutritional Management

- Recovery-focused Psychological Treatment


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