In addition to clinical experience, ongoing supervision, and continuing professional development, to be awarded the ANZAED Eating Disorder Credential clinicians are required to complete two core trainings: introduction to eating disorders and treatment provision training. Treatment provision training consists of one evidence-based treatment model for mental health professionals and evidence-informed dietetic practice for dietitians.

In 2022, NEDC will commence an approvals process for eating disorder trainings relevant to the Credential. From the 1 July 2022, all clinicians applying for the Credential will be required to have completed approved training in order to be awarded the Credential. 

The National Framework for Eating Disorder Training – A guide for training providers (the Framework) has been developed by NEDC, with the contribution of training providers across Australia. The Framework provides the basis upon which training will be approved. Its purpose is to align with the Credential criteria and national standards, ensuring consistency and quality across the trainings required for the Credential. The goal is to build a skilled and competent national workforce that can provide safe and effective care and treatment for people living with an eating disorder. The Framework will be published in January 2022.

For training providers

The NEDC Training Approvals process will commence in late January 2022. Training approval is only provided for the following training as aligned with the Credential:
• Introduction to eating disorders for health professionals 
• Evidence-based eating disorder treatment model
• Evidence-informed dietetic practice for eating disorders

Training can be either a live online or face-to-face training, an online self-paced training, or a mixed format training. Further information on training requirements will be described within the Framework.

The Framework has been designed to support and guide training providers in the design, structure, and content of eating disorder training for mental health professionals and dietitians. 

Applying for approval of training

Training providers seeking approval of their training must use the Framework and complete the provided application template. Training providers will be required to address each General and Content Standard as outlined in the Framework and provide evidence of their inclusion in the training.

NEDC will provide a Training Framework Standard Checklist to assist training providers in ensuring that each General Standard and Content Standard is covered in the application.

Further information regarding applying for approval and training standards and competency areas are included in the National Framework for Eating Disorder Training – A guide for training providers and will be made available in January 2022.

Submission of applications

Training providers will submit applications via the NEDC website. Training providers will provide their details and information about the training under application via this form. Following submission of the form, attachments are provided to NEDC. This can be done via email, zip files, Dropbox, WeShare, Microsoft SharePoint, or other sharing platform. Please note, if you are sending through email, please save PowerPoint files to PDF. If you are having difficulty sending your documents through, please contact NEDC at

Information to provide

Training providers must email their completed application form as relevant to introductory, evidence-based treatment model, or evidence-informed dietetic practice trainings.

Other supporting documents may include:

• PowerPoint slides
• Link/s to eLearning program and/or modules
• Evidence of preparatory activities
• Evidence of lived experience contribution and/or input to training
• Supporting clinical resources provided to trainees
• Evidence of assessment of learning
• Evidence of training evaluation
• Links to videos, audio, recordings used within the training

Feedback on your application

Assessment of and response to applications by NEDC will take a maximum of three weeks. NEDC aims to support a strong training provider workforce and ensure availability and accessibility of training across Australia. As such, NEDC will be available to support training providers to align content with the Standards outlined in the Framework.

There is no financial cost associated with the approval process.

Approved training will be published and promoted through NEDC and ANZAED member bases, websites, and social media platforms. Training providers can include approval status in the promotion and certification of their training. Trainings are approved for a length of two years. After this time, training providers need to reapply for approval of their training.

If you have questions about the Framework and/or training approvals process, please contact us at

For clinicians

From 1 July 2022, all clinicians applying for the Credential will be required to have completed NEDC approved trainings in order to be awarded the Credential. Prior to this, clinicians can apply for the Credential under the sunset clause or by providing evidence of having completed an introduction to eating disorders training and either evidence-based treatment model training (mental health professionals) or evidence informed dietetic practice (dietitians only) training. For more information see connect.ed website.

If you are unsure whether the training you have already completed has covered the required content, please see ANZAED Clinician Information Pack.

Approved training will be published and promoted through NEDC and ANZAED member bases, websites, and social media platforms. If you are looking for training to support your own professional development, please check the NEDC and ANZAED website/s and/or contact

References and Resources

The key documents that have informed the Standards in the Framework are:

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