Compassion Focused Group Therapy For Disordered Eating and Trauma Recovery

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Compassion Focused Group Therapy For Disordered Eating and Trauma Recovery is a low-cost program designed for adults whose lives are affected by problematic eating and have experienced an event or events that could be classified as trauma.
The program involves a series of 10 sessions that deliver compassion focused therapy for a small group of 6-8 people.
The therapy incorporates a range of skills in order to develop more positive ways of relating to oneself and others. It may be completed either alongside individual therapy or as a standalone treatment.
Compassion focused therapy was developed for individuals with high levels of shame and self-criticism which are thought to be a barrier in recovery. The aim is to improve wellbeing for people experiencing difficulties associated with past events and eating problems.

This program is being run by the Swinburne University Psychology Clinic in collaboration with Eating Disorders Victoria.
It is starting soon, and the organisers are currently seeking expressions of interest from participants.
To learn more and to apply to be part of the group, please contact: Swinburne Psychology Clinic (03) 9214 5528 or

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