The Body Project: Promoting Body Acceptance and Preventing Eating Disorders: A Facilitator Guide

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The Body Project facilitator guide outlines a two-part group intervention program for adolescent girls at risk of developing eating disorders. In the first part of the program, participants critique the thin-ideal through discussion, role-playing, and written exercises. Participants learn skills that increase body satisfaction, decrease unhealthy weight control behaviors, and prevent eating disorder symptoms. The second part of the intervention is designed to help participants make gradual and permanent lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy body weight. It teaches how to eat for energy balance, make healthy food choices, and incorporate physical exercise into a daily routine.

This group therapy program is based on 16 years of research and has been completed by over 1000 adolescent girls and young women. It can be effectively delivered by real-world providers, such as school counselors, nurses, and teachers.

This facilitator guide provides all the information needed to successfully implement the program, including an explanation of Cognitive Dissonance theory, session outlines complete with exercises, and recommendations on how to train group leaders and recruit participants. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2020 APA, all rights reserved)

The prevention programs have been shown to be effective in schools and colleges worldwide in a range of controlled and effectiveness trials. The first program "The Body Project" is based on the cognitive dissonance prevention method. The second program "Healthy Weight Intervention" involves healthy lifestyle strategies to maintain well-being and a healthy body weight, which enhances body satisfaction and reduces obesity risk. The book provides a session-by-session approach to implementing the programs.

AuthorStice, E & Presnell, K
JournalOxford University Press

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